Top Ten Hen Party Goody Bag Fillers

Hen parties are the perfect way to make sure your bride-to-be is centre of attention all night, but when it comes to planning the event, it’s a good idea to think about everyone else who’s attending the party too! The type of goody bag you choose to give your friends and family depends on the style of the party itself, but we’ve got plenty of ideas that cater for a variety of Hen parties, from the very sophisticated and chic to the downright dirty! Hen party gift bags are a fab way to make sure everyone gets involved and into the party spirit, so here at Pleasure Ladies UK, we’ve put together our top 10 favourite goody bag fillers that are sure to get the party started!

Party Feet

Getting ready for a Hen party includes picking the outfit, and of course, the shoes! So to make sure your group of Hens can dance the night away without sore tootsies, then Party Feet are a must! These are perfect little goody bag fillers for those on a budget too and the ideal size for goody bags!

Disposable Camera

The Hen party will need to be remembered and there’s nothing more fun than surprise pictures following the big event! Forget the digital SLR’s and make sure you pop a disposable camera in each goody bag, as not only are they the perfect way to catch all the group on camera, but they’re small enough to keep in handbags on the night out too!

Willy Whistles

It’s the one night you all get to act immature with the perfect excuse – so willy whistles in your goody bags are essentials! Whether you whistle to catch a cab or the barman for another drink, there’s no better way to get the attention you need on a Hen party than with a good old-fashioned willy whistle!

Party poppers

Where there’s a celebration, there’s a party popper! Make sure your goody bags are full of little party poppers to keep the bride-to-be fully decorated throughout the evening! They’re small enough to carry around on the night out and easy to dispose of once you’ve showered your party in colour, helping your Hen night go off with a bang!

Miniature Booze

Fancy a tipple as you get ready for the big night out? Miniature bottles of wine and spirits are fab little extras to add to your goody bags so you can have a quick drink as you get ready with the girls. The perfect size to get your group in the party spirit and get the celebrations started! Miniature bottles come in a variety of alcohols, from red, white and rosé wines to vodka’s, rum’s and liqueur’s, so you can be sure to find a poison to suit every taste!

Glow Sticks

An obvious addition but an absolute essential for a Hen party! Stand out and shine all night with UV pride! Glow sticks are great to add to goody bags and you can create all sorts of different accessories with them, whether you want to wear them as bracelets, necklaces or headwear, you’re sure to grab attention with a glow stick or two!

Willy Straws

Lower the tone with a note or two and whip out the willy straws! A Hen night isn’t a party without them and they really are the only way to enjoy those cocktails! Discreet enough to keep in your handbag until you need a drink, these traditional Hen party accessories are an absolute must and are a great way to get your group of hens giggling and in the party spirit!

Lip Balm and Lipsticks

Fill your goody bag with token treats and little surprises for the girls in the party, they’ll love the thought that’s gone into making them and a lip balm is a fab addition! Pick a variety of shades that you think will suit your friends and pop them in alongside the willy whistles and the party feet! No chapped lips for the ladies, which means keeping those pouts poised and ready for any surprise photos of willy straw drinking that are taken on the disposable cameras!

Shot On A String

Forget the high-street necklaces and statement jewellery, the only necklace you’ll need on a Hen do is the shot on a string! These make fab little extras to pop inside your goody bags and they come in a variety of styles so you can keep those shots flowing throughout the night!


Whether personalised or big, bright and bold, Hen party badges are the only way to let everyone know you’re up for a party! They’re the perfect addition to a goody bag and come in a variety of styles, from the glittery and sparkly to the smaller more subtle designs. Whichever style you choose be sure to personalise the badge for the bride so she’s the centre of attention all night long!