How to Become a Male Stripper

As one of the leading male stripper companies in the UK we are always actively seeking professional young male professionals who can help the UK Pleasure Boys  team expand further across the UK.

If your looking to become to become a fully fledged male stripper then look no further the below will help guide you in the right direction on how you can start your stripping career.

Becoming a male stripper is not for everyone however if your fun, confident and don’t mind women staring at you then UK Pleasure Boys might be the perfect opportunity for you.

The main aspect of becoming a male stripper is to ensure you are not only hunky and have sexy abs which the ladies will love but also to ensure you have a personality that matches, you need to ensure you also have the charisma which will please the ladies along with showmanship which will ensure you provide all of the Pleasure Ladies Nights customers with a perfect experience.

So if you think you can handle having women around you screaming at the sight of you taking of your top and performing a male stripper routine then please contact Pleasure Ladies Nights today with your application.