Judge Rinder Strippers in Court

stripper in court

Judge Rinder

Strippers in Court

The UK Pleasure Boys team have appeared in the hit UK series Judge Rinder and now make regular appearances in the UK court series.

Find out more about the Pleasure Boys & Judge Rinder series below.

The UK Pleasure Boys team have had the pleasure of appearing on the UK reality court TV series Judge Rinder which is aired daily on ITV. The hit UK series stars the leading criminal barrister Robert Rinder who stars as the leading judge in Judge Rinder.
The TV Series aims to solve cases around multiple disputes including money related issues. The hit TV series is designed and mocked up to replicate a small claims courtroom and follows the same pattern of other top US reality TV series.
The series airs on TV each week and has featured multiple times with the “Stripper in Court” which the Pleasure Boys team appear in. If you’ve missed any of the Judge Rinder episodes you can catch up on ITV Player – Judge Rinder TV Series
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strippers in court