Planning A Hen Party On A Budget

Planning a hen party is a big job. It often requires lots of time, patience and most importantly, money to ensure your bride gets the send off she really deserves. Here at Pleasure Ladies UK, we’ve come up with some top tips to help you plan a hen party on a budget so you can enjoy the celebrations without worrying about breaking the bank!

Decide on a budget

Before you start planning the hen party, you’ll need to have a ballpark figure in mind with what your event might cost. You don’t want to start organising the venue, transport and celebrations only to find out after you’ve booked it all that the rest of the party can’t afford it! It’s a good idea to have a rough sum in mind so that you can let everyone know what you plan to do and you can ask if the price is within their budget too. Bear in mind that you can’t please everyone and that some of the party might be able to afford more than others, but if you all come together with reasonable suggestions then you should be able to get everyone on board! It’s also a good idea to let everyone know early on that they should be chipping in for the bride too! After all, you can’t expect her to pay for her own hen party!

Find out what everyone is happy paying and go from there. The last thing you want to do is start an argument over money, so make sure everyone is happy with the final amount before you book anything. You also need to be realistic about what everyone might be able to afford. There’s no point planning a wild trip to Las Vegas if you know your party won’t be able to afford it as this will just cause unnecessary stress amongst your group.

Chip in for the bride but don’t be expected to pay for everything

So your bride deserves the night of her life, but you can’t be expected to pay for everything! Paying for the more costly parts of the hen such as her accommodation and transport will be more than enough, but she should be able to pay her way during the rest of the celebrations! If you’ve planned a meal at a fancy restaurant why not pay for her meal and drinks, but suggest if she wants to go out after she contributes to the ‘kitty.’ If enough of her hen party has been paid for then she should be happy to chip in if there’s anything else she wants to do on the night! After all, you’re her bridesmaid at the end of the day, not her bank.

Keep the cost down with party packages

Nowadays, many event organisers, spas, restaurants and even travel agents accommodate for hen parties as the demand for a party on a budget is on the rise. With women now juggling weddings with their working lives, not many can afford the luxury of jetting off abroad for two weeks, which is why party packages are the perfect solution for the budget bride! Many of our hen nights at Pleasure Ladies UK provide the ideal celebrations, with a variety of male strippers in London, Cardiff, Bristol plus our hen parties across the rest of the UK, providing party packages that are not to be missed!

Party packages are a great way to celebrate in an ‘all inclusive’ way, and with party professionals organising most of the hen night for you, it means that you can pick what you want to do without the hassle of having to sort it all out yourself. Hen party packages abroad are a great way of saving money if you combine activities with accommodation and flights, letting you enjoy the party without worrying that it’s going to cost a fortune. Similarly there are a variety of spas, hotels and venues around the UK that cater for hen parties, with many offers and discounts included in the overall price. Our hen nights in the UK provide the ultimate entertainment, combining sexy strippers with a delicious dinner and club night that you won’t want to miss! Here at Pleasure Ladies UK, we have a range of party packages that can be tailored to suit your bride-to-be, your budget and your celebration style, so take a look and book with us today!

Abroad vs. the UK

There’s nothing more appealing than a girly mini-break abroad to celebrate your bride to be in the sun! The thought of cocktail making on the beach watching the sunset followed by an exotic night out is becoming more and more popular for hen parties from the UK and it’s not surprising given that the cost can often be similar to a party in the UK.

A hen party in England might seem like the cheapest option if you’re worried about the cost of flights, hotels and transfers abroad, but this isn’t always the case! If you’ve booked a fancy glamping retreat in the middle of the British countryside, then how are you going to get there? Have you considered the cost of fuel or the cost of hiring a mini/party bus for everyone to get there? Does your ‘glampsite’ have an all-inclusive restaurant catering for your meals throughout your stay or are you going to have to factor in the cost of food and drink for everyone in the hen party? It’s the little additional costs that can often make a hen party in the UK as costly (or even more-so) as going abroad, so bear this in mind when planning your party! Our wild and wonderful nights at Pleasure Ladies UK have no hidden costs and our tickets are offered with the inclusion of our exciting after parties so you can carry on celebrating into the night once our sexy male strippers in the UK have had their way with you on stage!

Don’t be fooled if you think abroad hen parties are your best bet for a tropical party though! Hen dos overseas can also soon add up, especially if they have been poorly planned or the cost has been underestimated. If you’re organising a trip abroad it’s a good idea to plan it well in advance of the actual hen party date, giving everyone plenty of time to save their spending money! Many abroad hen parties offer deposit schemes to help you out, but be careful there aren’t any hidden costs that will surprise you once you’re out there! Be sure to make everyone aware that going abroad means getting all their travel documents like passports and travel insurance up to date, as this can also be a nasty and costly shock that you won’t want to have to fork out for a few weeks before the party!

Cheaper hen party alternatives:

If you’re stuck for some ideas, take a look at the following for some cheaper alternatives that can be just as special for a hen party if you plan them right!
· A girly night in: Get your girls round for a fun film fest! Put on a DVD, chip in for a take out and have your own mini pamper party with facemasks and beauty treatments at home! Who said you have to go out to have fun?

· Dinner at a nice restaurant with family and friends: A great way to include all the bride’s friends and family without breaking the bank! If everyone contributes to the meal and drinks, there’s no reason why you can’t all enjoy a night out with good food and good company!

· Mini pamper day: Spa days don’t have to be extortionate and many spa resorts offer half days and discounts for larger parties. Many spas let you use all of their facilities so you don’t just have to go for the treatments! You could even pay for the bride to have a massage if the rest of your hen party can’t afford one, so at least then she’ll be getting looked after throughout the day.

· Day out at the seaside/theme park/theatre: Organise a day trip away for everyone to enjoy! A mini break doesn’t have to be for a whole weekend and there are lots of alternative ideas to a fun day out! If the bride’s favourite show is on in the West End, why not take her to the theatre! You’ll also be close by to our male strippers in London, so whilst you’re there, why not pop in and see us at Pleasure Ladies UK – it would be rude not to really wouldn’t it?

· Self-catering mini break: Plan a glamping weekend or book a self-catering weekend stay away. That way you’ll have control over the cost of buying food and drink but it needn’t be expensive. It will still feel like a mini holiday if you stay somewhere your party hasn’t been before!

No matter what you decide to plan for your bride’s hen party, you can be sure to have an unforgettable time if you plan it well and make sure she is well looked after! Don’t burden her with the stress of costs and hopefully, with our Pleasure Ladies UK top tips, you won’t have to! If you’re still stuck for ideas, however and want to have the night of your lives, then take a look at our hen nights in the UK, we guarantee you won’t regret it!