Top 5 Hen Party Mistakes to Avoid

The pressure of organising a Hen party can be overwhelming and quite frankly, terrifying! However, it’s only a nightmare until it all pays off on the big night and all your hard work comes together in a fantastic event that everyone enjoys! But what happens when things go wrong and the party flops? Well fear not party planners, here at UK Pleasure Ladies, we’ve created a list of the top 5 Hen party mistakes to avoid, so you can be sure your party turns into a night you won’t forget – for all the right reasons!

Getting The Bride Too Drunk

We all know how much fun can be had have after a drink or two, and many nights out are fuelled with alcohol, so it seems only right to open a tab and get bar crawling on a Hen, doesn’t it?

The last thing you want to happen on a Hen party however, is getting the bride so drunk that she falls asleep before the night has even started! A hangover can be dealt with the next day, but perhaps going steady with the shots isn’t a bad idea if your bride is ‘that kinda’ drunk!’ She’ll want to be able to remember the party and have fun on her last night of freedom so slip her a water in between cocktails to keep her on a good level and help her celebrate in style! After all, you don’t want your bride falling over in the streets and spewing down alleys now do you!

Explicit Shenanigans…With The Gran!

Hen parties are the perfect excuse to enjoy a night of naughtiness, especially with one of our saucy male strippers at Pleasure Ladies UK! But make sure you’ve thought about the guest list and planned the appropriate entertainment to match so you can avoid any awkwardness on the night! If your bride’s Granny suddenly gets a little more than she’d bargained for then you’ve probably picked the wrong activity for your group of hens! To get the best of both worlds, organise a naughty night for your bride-to-be with all her friends who’ll enjoy the excitement of a butler in the buff, and a separate party for older members of the family who won’t be put off by all the R-rated raunchiness!

The One Where The Stripper Cries…

We’ve all seen ‘the one where the stripper cries,’ with cheeky chappy Danny DeVito turning up at Phoebe’s Hen party, ready to rock in full police outfit! And while this may suit some tastes (if any), Danny DeVito might not be the stripper you’ve got in mind to seduce your bride-to-be!

So if you’ve sorted the guest list and are planning a sexy stripper, make sure you’ve done your research beforehand to avoid a ‘Friends’ episode re-living itself through your special celebrations! If booking online, make sure you have photographic evidence of what your stripper looks like before he turns up on the night. Many sites also offer video clips of what to expect so you can book with confidence and make sure you provide your group of Hens with the perfect saucy stripper!

Getting so drunk you even forget the plans

Organising a Hen party is a big deal. It takes lots of time, preparation and hard work to get the group of girls together and find a date to suit everyone, let alone a venue booked! So after all your hard work you definitely deserve to let your hair down alongside the bride-to-be and enjoy the night you’ve put all your efforts into!

However, try and remember this night isn’t all about you. All your party planning is a result of being the best-friend and making sure the bride has the ultimate send off as SHE is actually centre of attention! So avoid the mistake of getting too drunk yourself so that you become the main attraction and steal the show, as this is definitely a Hen party horror story waiting to happen! There’s nothing worse than becoming a liability on a night out, especially if you’re the only one who knows every detail to the night! If you fear you might be worse for wear after a drink or two, relay the rest of the plans to some other girls in the group so if all else fails and you end up asleep by 7pm, the rest of your party can still enjoy the night, dare we say it, without you!

Forgetting a VIP

Guest lists are important for several reasons as for one, they make sure there aren’t any tag-alongs on the night and two, they help you realise if suddenly, you’ve forgotten someone important!

They’re the best way of organising the Hen party and should be discussed with the bride-to-be prior to the celebrations so you can make sure that everyone on the list gets an invite! It’s not a good idea to take on the guest list yourself. You need the bride’s go ahead before you invite all YOUR best friends and forget the important people that your bride really wants to invite. The last thing you want to happen is to forget someone important, like the mother-in-law! Make sure you’ve got the right contact details for everyone on the guest list and start getting in touch with people early. You don’t want to miss someone off the conversation if you’re booking flights and organising venues as this will also seriously damage your reputation as the ultimate Hen party planner!