Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Hen-Do

We all know the big day for any bride is the wedding. It’s taken months if not years to plan, you’ve thought of every detail to make it just right and it will be one of the most memorable days of your life. But without a hen party to
complete the occasion, is a wedding really worth having at all? Here at UK Pleasure Ladies, we’ve put together 10 top tips on why you should have a hen do, as after all, what’s a wedding without one?

Your Last Night of Freedom

Not just for the groom on his stag, your hen do will be the very last time you will be able to go out as a ‘single’ woman (well…sort of!) For one night, and one night only, you can let your hair down and say goodbye to your single life
before you embark on your journey as a wife. Yes, that’s right ladies, your hen do means that you can enjoy a wild night out in style whilst being served a Pornstar Martini by a butler in the buff- guilt free!

Think Like A Man

If not at a hen do, then when? Your hen party will be one of the only times you get to play like a man. Yep, that means you are allowed to ogle men’s abs, drink copious amounts of alcohol and generally behave in every way that is fit for a man- well, within reason ladies!

For centuries, the stag do has been a man’s game in an all too predicatable man’s world, yet what about us women? Taking the stag by the horns, (not literally of course) the hen party has managed to up the stakes and for once,
women can play dirty. Think Magic Mike, beautiful and bronzed, sexy male strippers at your service, or even a UK Pleasure Boy to ruffle your feathers, nothing’s off limits on your hen do!

Extra Celebrations

Your wedding day celebrates you and your hubby as a couple, but who celebrates you as the bride? Your hen party is a fab way to throw in a few extra celebrations along the way to married life, especially as we all know the wedding isn’t the only time to celebrate! Your hen party is a great excuse to go out and enjoy yourself with your girlfriends, for one unforgettable night with you right in the very middle of it!

A Good Excuse For A Night Out

If wedding planning has taken the fun out of your wedding or you’ve been out of touch with your girlfriends, then fear not girls, your hen do is the perfect excuse for a night out! You can get back to planning your table settings and
choosing the perfect bouquet of flowers at a later date, as we’re sure that all that organising deserves a get together with the girls! So why not enjoy a night with the UK Pleasure Ladies where you can gossip and giggle with the
rest of your hens, relax and unwind over a few drinks and get back to all that planning tomorrow! Go on girls, you deserve it!

Create Some Memories

There’s nothing better than a night out you can’t forget, than a night out you’ve forgotten! On your hen night you can be sure to expect a hazy hangover the next morning to bring all those moments that seemed like a good idea at the time, flooding back to haunt you. Well luckily for you, brideto-be, your entire night will most likely be fully documented by your hens on hand to ensure you don’t forget a thing (even when you might have wished you could!) It’s not all about the horror stories and shameful secrets though, your hen do is a great chance to celebrate and create some lasting memories that will be as special as your wedding day itself!

It’s A Better Party Than The Wedding

We’re sure that planning your wedding has been full of excitement as you’ve chosen your flowers, venue and decided on the guest list, however it can also be an exhausting task. The wedding day itself will be no exception as ensuring that everything runs like clockwork can often be just as stressful. That’s why a hen do is the perfect time to unwind and have some fun, leaving the bridezilla you’ve turned into behind and cracking open the Champagne.

Your wedding is sure to be a blast, but your hen do will be the real party, where you don’t have to worry about getting too drunk or making polite chatter with your hubby’s old school friends who you haven’t seen in years. Your hen
do is YOUR night and you get to enjoy it, and what better way than with a UK Pleasure Boys Hen Night?

Because For One Night, Nothing’s Off Limits…

So ladies, have you ever wanted to learn how to pole dance? Or maybe you’ve wondered what it might be like to try a burlesque dance class and let your inhibitions go for a night. Well as it’s your wedding, and your hen do, it means that nothing is off limits! Admittedly your Maid of Honour will have played a big part in helping organise your hen party, but ultimately if she’s your nearest and dearest then she’ll know what you like and therefore; will have organised you one of the best nights of your life. So you can sip Champagne while a male strippergram works his magic, or enjoy a few cocktails with your hen party whilst being waited on hand and foot by a butler in the buff. With UK Pleasure Ladies, what more could you possibly want?

The Centre Of Attention

Your wedding is all about you, and if that’s not enough for the bridezilla you’ve become then you might just love the fact that your hen do is another excuse to be the centre of attention! You’ll get the best of everything on your hen do,
from the first drink to the last and right down to the male stripper dance your Maid of Honour has surprised you with. Like it or not brides-to-be, your hen do will be an event to fully celebrate your upcoming wedding with you right in the middle of it. Don’t fear though shy brides, if you’re feeling a little reserved on the night, there’s no reason why you and all your hens can’t enjoy a UK Pleasure Boy together! Sharing is caring after all!

A Guilt Free Evening

Whether it’s a girly pamper day with chocolates and Champagne, high-tea at an exclusive restaurant full of tempting treats or a sinful and saucy evening with the UK Pleasure Ladies; having a hen do is a perfect excuse for a guiltfree
celebration! That wedding diet you’ve been sticking to- forget it! Feeling guilty about looking at another man’s body- don’t be! Your hen do is all about looking without touching and allowing yourself a few little treats to celebrate.
So let down your hair girls and enjoy a sinful evening, completely sin free!

No More Planning!

Planning a wedding is no easy task, so congratulations first of all for making it all the way to your hen do! By now, we bet you’re pretty much all planned out, so a hen do is a great way to let someone else take the reins. Not ideal for the
control freak in you, but as you’ve chosen your maid of honour for a reason, it’s the perfect way to let her show how well she knows you, and how much you mean to her by letting her organise your wild night of fun! Maybe you
would never have dreamt of booking a strippergram or butler in the buff to entertain you for the night, but that’s just part of the fun! Why not let someone else decide how you will spend your hen do, you’ll be thankful for it after
you’ve finished planning your entire wedding! So let loose and enjoy brides-tobe, for one night you’ll get to just enjoy yourself, and here at UK Pleasure Ladies; you’ll be in safe hands!