Top 10 Hen Night Destinations in the UK

If you’re about to kiss goodbye your single life and you want to do it in style. Though you may hear a lot of options and destinations for your hen night but the following are the top 10 hen night destinations that are a must consider in the UK that are bound to make this a long lasting memory.

  1. Manchester

Manchester is equipped with fun activities without having to go off the rooftop. Chill Factore allows you enjoy indoor snowboarding and skiing. The theaters are also a must attend in Manchester. As well as having Pleasure Boys on hand to offer you the very best Male Strip show you will experience.

  1. London

What is a hen party without the mention of London? This is a destination ideal for great parties. The bars and restaurants allow for great moments and you can also choose to go sightseeing.  Want to know more about London for your Hen Night? We have a specialist guide to organising your Hen Night in London

  1. Brighton

Brighton offers a quieter environment. The Grand Hotel will pamper you to the very last to make you and the girls feel like royalty. The beach also offers a calm environment so you can enjoy evening walks. After a calm and peaceful day, pull up your party spirit and visit the clubs that come to life at night.

  1. Newcastle

Dance lovers will love this town. It is a party city that redefines what partying is all about. It also comes with great accommodation.  Newcastle is renowned for some of the best Hen Nights around and Pleasure Ladies will help you make the most of your Newcastle Hen Night.

  1. Dublin

This Irish city offers a full package to accommodate some crazy activities. This is because the night comes to life. In addition, if you are into culture, this is the destination to consider. Shopping areas are a definite with so much to offer. It is best that you visit during summer when this city is at its warmest.

  1. Cardiff

This is one of the best hen night destinations, as you will always have your hands full of fun activities. Right from ice-skating to paintballing in the day, you and the girls are guaranteed fun all the way. It does not stop there as the night has its own share of entertainment to keep your hen night at its best. 

  1. Liverpool

If you are looking for excitement with a little of adventure, this is the road to take. The birthplace of some great UK music, this is definitely a spot for your hen night. You also get to enjoy the rich historic culture the city has to offer. The beauty is outstanding as the scenery welcomes you to a whole lot of activities.

  1. Birmingham

Glasgow is known to offer an outstanding day and night hen night experiences. Whether you are looking to shop, treat and spoil yourself at the spa or get involved in the quirky activities, you can be sure that you will find something for you that’s not only exciting but also memorable.

  1. Leeds

Located right next to the Yorkshire dales there are lots of outdoor activities to take your interests. Not only does it have this trump card, Leeds can compete on nightlife with any major UK city.


With some of the best beaches in the UK, Bournemouth lets you enjoy the sun while still being within the UK for easy travel. The nights are also very exciting with great parties to attend. Best of all, enjoy this combination without emptying your pockets.

So what are you waiting for? Find out how the UK Pleasure Ladies team can help make your Hen Night a complete success.