The Do’s & Don’ts To Hen Nights

Planning a hen party is tough work, and attending a hen do can be equally as daunting. After all, the chances are that you’ll be taken out of your comfort zone and experience a party unlike any other! That’s why we’ve put together a few tips on how to enjoy the hen night, and what things you might need to watch out for to avoid a hen night disaster!

DO chat with your bride

The last night of freedom for any bride is an exciting occasion. For one night, she’s the centre of attention so forget about what you would want, and chat with her about the level of debauchery she might like. If she’s a party animal with a thirst for Tequila, then a club night will be right up her street. Similarly, if the thought of a meal out or a spa weekend sends her to sleep, then that fully body massage will more then likely be a complete waste of time.

DON’T let the bride have everything she wants!

Surprises are key to any hen do, especially if you have a suspicious feeling that your bride is expecting a naughtier night than she’s letting on! Let’s be honest, no bride is going to say, ‘actually, I want hot hunks serving me drinks and a strip show for entertainment!’ (But if she does then check out our UK Pleasure Ladies packages for the perfect hen party!) It doesn’t matter what type of party you’re organising, throwing in a few cheeky surprises will make her night and add to the fun during the celebrations.

DO consider the guest list

Thinking of a sexy male strippergram to spice things up a bit? Well if your bride’s future mother-in-law is attending the hen party then you might want to think again! It’s hardly likely your entire group of hens are going to want to do the same thing, especially if there are age ranges within your group. Talk to your bride beforehand about whether she wants it to be just friends, or friends and family and then you can decide what sort of event the hen do can be. It might be a nice idea to split the occasion and have a nice meal out with the family members, and then you can enjoy a night with us here at UK Pleasure Ladies after!

DON’T splash the cash

Making a budget before the hen do and sticking to it throughout the event is a good idea. Hen parties can often be quite expensive if you aren’t careful, so be upfront with everyone about how much things are going to cost first so everyone knows what to expect. There’s no need to go overboard on your spending though, especially with the fantastic party packages we offer at UK Pleasure Ladies! Plenty of venues will accommodate your hen party, and most will try and help spread the costs so you can really enjoy the night.

DO prepare your party!

Preparation for before and after the hen party is key, especially as we all know how painful that hangover is the next day without the Paracetamol and orange juice on hand to help! It’s likely that you won’t get through the hen party without a few bumps along the way, but careful planning and preparation will go a long way to help make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Getting the hangover supplies in before the night starts is a sure way to help you enjoy the night, knowing that the recovery process the next day is all in hand! If you are dressing up in fancy dress, get your outfits organised days in advance so there aren’t any last minute nightmares before the hen do starts. Equally, all accessories and extras to make the night a success should be prepared prior to the occasion to make it all a little easier and a lot less stressful!

DON’T forget transportation and accommodation

So you’ve sorted the venue, the guest list and the date of the hen night, but it’s easy to forget the other essentials, such as where you’ll be staying for the party and how you’re going to get there. Booking taxis, train tickets and party busses in advance is the best way to ensure you can get to and from your venue without hanging around. They are often the most cost effective way too as you can agree a charge with the driver so you aren’t stung with a taxi bill that could ruin your night. Many hotels and B&B’s are scattered all over cities in the UK, and are often centrally located for extra convenience. If you need to book several rooms, or rooms catering to large parties then it’s worth ringing well ahead of the night so you can secure a booking easily and hassle free!

DO make sure you have fun!

It’s easy to get caught up with the stress of organising and attending a hen party, but remember that it’s only going to happen once for your bride so you need to all enjoy it! Take lots of photographs to remember your hen party, drink plenty without getting too drunk and simply relax and unwind with all of your closest friends! It’s a night to celebrate after all!

Do’s and Don’ts if you’re the bride

Now it’s easy to reel off a list of what to do and what to avoid if you’re the one organising the hen do, however if you’re the bride it’s all going to be a slightly different occasion!

DON’T panic and stress over someone else organising a hen night for you. You’ve spent months if not years planning your entire wedding, so for this one occasion let your hair down and enjoy someone else taking charge!

DO be as open minded as possible. The whole point of someone else planning your hen do is so you get to experience and enjoy certain things that you may not usually plan to do yourself. Our UK Pleasure Ladies packages include plenty of surprises that we know you’ll enjoy, you just might need to take a chance and who knows what you might discover throughout the celebrations!

DON’T hold back! This one night is all about you, and is your chance to celebrate with your closest friends and family. Throw yourself into the hen night dares and games, and don’t be afraid to dress up in the fancy dress your hens have organised for you!

DO watch out for that bridezilla still lurking inside you! You don’t want to ruin your own hen night so avoid any potential fall-outs with friends over trivial things throughout the night. You might also want to give your phone to your Maid of Honour, just incase those drunk texts to your fiancé decide to make an ugly appearance! You don’t want to have to deal with a hangover the next day and an argument with the hubby-to-be!

And finally, enjoy yourself! You’ll only have one hen night and one chance to have as much fun prior to your big day, so it’s important to embrace the games, sashes and tiaras and just let your hair down! Find out how Pleasure Ladies can help make your Hen Night Party one to remember.