Organising The Ultimate Hen Night Do

Filling the Maid of Honour shoes is never easy. It carries a huge amount of responsibility and numerous duties before, during and even after the wedding day, one of which is organising the hen party. We’ve put together a few top tips on how to organise the best hen do and make it a night that your best friend, and bride-to-be won’t be able to  forget!

Bride Knows Best

First and foremost when it comes to arranging the hen party, think about what your bride might like to do to celebrate her last few days of freedom. With so many options available nowadays, you’ll want to make sure you organise something that you know the bride will enjoy.

Consider what you have in common with the bride. She chose you to be Maid of Honour for a reason, so it’s safe to say you’ll know the things she likes to do. If you’re opting for something out of the ordinary or perhaps a unique experience, it’s a good idea to remember what she doesn’t like too so there are no nasty surprises for her on the night (or day!). Here at UK Pleasure Ladies, we think there’s no better way to celebrate a bride than a hen do with one of our saucy strippers, but whatever you decide to do, passing it by your bride and the rest of your hen party first, is a good idea to keep everyone happy!

Keep An Eye On Costs

Weddings can be extremely expensive, especially with all the trimmings that add up to the final cost of such a special day. A hen party is no different, so setting a budget before you organise your bride’s big night is a good idea so you can celebrate in style without breaking the bank!

After you’ve decided on the activities for your hen do, it’s important to make sure everyone invited will be able to afford it and contribute to the occasion. Once you know how much you’ve got to spend, you can decide on any little extras you might be able to afford to make the hen do a truly unforgettable occasion for your bride-to-be!

Location Location

Once your budget’s sorted, the next big thing is to decide on where you want to go for the hen party itself. There are lots of different types of hen dos to choose from, whether it’s a spa day, dinner out or an international city break, but make sure you check out the best places to go (and where to avoid!) before setting off. Nights out in LondonLiverpool and Manchester are popular choices for a hen party, and here at Pleasure Ladies, our naughty hen nights cover some of the hottest destinations in the UK!

Keep on partying into the early hours with us, as many of our packages include free entry into our nightclub after the show; there really is no better way to celebrate!

Say Cheese!

With so much planning and preparation involved in making your bride’s hen do as memorable as possible, making sure it’s caught on camera is as important as organising the party itself. Okay, so you might not want your entire party documented on film, however a few cheeky photographs taken while you celebrate is a great way to make sure your bride will have memories to last a lifetime! If you’re looking to spice up your hen do with some male stripper madness, then a UK Pleasure Ladies Hen Night may be the perfect choice for you and your hens! A variety of our Pleasure Ladies packages include a photo opportunity with some of the hottest guys in the UK; the perfect keepsake for your bride!

Set A Theme

Whether you’ve decided to celebrate at a fancy restaurant with your bride-to-be, or booked a cheeky surprise with us here at UK Pleasure Ladies, setting a theme for your hen do is a great way to stand out from the crowd! Superheroes, gangsters and cops and robbers are often popular themes, but if you’re looking for something slightly different then there are plenty of alternative ideas to make your hen do unique and unforgettable! Personalising your theme or fancy dress can get your hens giggling and your bride blushing, so why not get photos or nicknames printed onto t-shirts so you can really make a statement! Accessories are, of course, a must for your bride; so bring out the L-plates, sashes and tiaras so she can celebrate in style and stand out on her hen night.

Hen Party Games

Whatever your style and whatever activities you have planned, no hen do is complete without some good old-fashioned games. From truth or dare to saucy charades, games are a great way to get your hen do off to a roaring success and get your party started!

Not only are games a great addition to your general hen party activities, they’re also a fab way to break the ice and get your group in the hen party spirit, especially when your hen party consists of people who don’t know each other. You can find out just how well your bride knows her groom in a game of Mr & Mrs, or play a game of truth or dare to really get your group of hens giggling, as the best games are those that will get your party laughing!

Relax And Have Fun!

The most important part of the hen do is to have fun! You’ll have put a lot of effort into organising something special for your bride and the rest of your hen party, so make sure you get to enjoy it too! Whether you’ve decided to book a hunky hottie for the night, or treat your bride to a luxury spa day; the chances are you’ll also have a fab time with your hens! No matter what happens throughout the celebrations (even if it rains!) the whole point of a hen party is to give your bride an unforgettable send off into married life. So it’s time to relax, unwind and let the celebrations begin!