Hen Night Survival Kit Guide

A Hen party needs organizing and if you’re heading for a weekend away, then it will also mean packing too. But forget the tooth floss, face wipes and spot treatment cream and take a look at our list of essentials you’ll need to take with you, as this is no ordinary weekend away and you’ll need all the help you can get to survive the Hen night!


Looking your best on a Hen night is an absolute must, so be sure to pack key essentials to keep you looking your best throughout the weekend. Here at UK Pleasure Boys, we suggest packing the following basics so you are freshly topped up throughout the night and looking glam for all eventualities and potential surprises!

  • Dry Shampoo- girl’s best friend and a necessity when you’re dancing ‘till you’re about to drop and need a spritz of dry shampoo to ward off that all too familiar enemy: the ‘sweat fringe.’
  • Mascara – lengthen those lashes with a boost of mascara and ideally you’ll want one that’s small enough to fit in your handbag, so you can keep those eyelashes fluttering all night long! Waterproof mascara might also be a good idea for all that champagne popping and especially if you’re an emotional party animal, so be sure to pack both to be fully prepared!
  • Perfume – with all the excitement that comes with a wild Hen night, you’ll want to ensure that you smell as sweet at the end of the night as you did at the start! So be sure to pack a handy perfume to pop in your purse for a spritz during the night!
  • Lipstick – an essential for ladies with luscious lips and an instant way to enhance your outfit! Pout the night away in your favorite shade of red and make sure you have your lippy to hand at all times!
  • Hairbrush – you don’t want the photographs from the weekend to haunt you for a lifetime; so packing a hairbrush is a necessity girls! Folding combs are great to save room in handbags, leaving more space for the beer money and willy whistles!
  • All Purpose Wipes: Face/Body – not just for removing the make up from the night before but an essential for all eventualities! You can’t go wrong with a pack of wipes and they’re a great way of getting clean quick; a must have for all survival kits!

Hen Night Accessories

Well it wouldn’t be a Hen party without some good old-fashioned accessories to get your gaggle of Hens giggling! With games of truth or dare, pre-drink beer goggles and fancy dress outfits to really make a statement, the Hen night is about grabbing attention and getting the spotlight on your bride-to-be, so make sure you pack the essentials to get her noticed! 

  • Bunny Ears / Flashing Wand – because if there’s ever a good time to dress up as a bunny, it’s a Hen night! Dare to be different and stand out in uniformed fancy dress – a must have for all Hen parties!
  • Willy Whistles – drinking through a normal straw simply isn’t acceptable on a Hen night, so pick up the willy whistles and pack them for your weekend away and night on the town!
  • Blow Up Doll – If the willy whistles and bunny ears aren’t embarrassing the bride enough, then it’s time to bring out the blow up doll! A must have for all Hen nights and weekends away, your blow up doll is a Hen accessory that should be apart of the fun at all times!
  • Disposable Camera- capture all those memories that you’re likely to want to forget! A disposable camera is a fab way to keep some lasting pictures of those Hen night events and you won’t need to worry about packing a charger for a digital camera! They’re also the perfect size and weight to slip in your bag so you can be ready to snap the night away!
  • Pack of Dare Cards- whether it’s truth or dare, spin the bottle or even, dare we say it; kiss chase, the games are an essential part of a Hen party and the only real way to survive the night, so make sure you’re prepared! Pack a deck of cards and you’ll be covered for a variety of games to play and keep the evening entertaining.
  • Tiara / Sash / Badge / L- Plates- because being a bride is a learning curve for every woman so the L-plates are a must! Dress your bride up in the most garish, tacky and wonderful outfits possible and watch her light up like a Christmas tree! Flashing lights, sashes and sparkly tiaras are essentials in surviving a Hen night!

Emergency Supplies

So it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt…or loses a shoe…or gets a blister! You won’t survive the night without the emergency stash of cash and headache pills for the dreaded hangover, so be sure to pack the following as a final attempt to ‘responsibly’ survive a Hen trip!

  • Headache tablets – stock up on the ibuprofen, paracetamol and aspirin for those guaranteed headaches and hangovers following your wild night out! There’s no easy way to recover, but popping the pills is a good way to start trying to feel normal again the next day!
  • Spare change / cash – need to get the last taxi back? Craving those cheesey chips at 3am on your way home? Keeping some cash is essential for surviving your Hen party for any last minute emergencies!
  • Safety Pins – the perfect way to secure the sash on the bride and any wardrobe malfunctions, safety pins are without a doubt a Hen party must have! Pack them in your travel bag and you’re ready to take on the world like a safety-pin superwoman, prepared for all eventualities because, well let’s be honest, you never know when you might just need to piece your bride back together again!
  • Blister Plasters – we all know that shopping all day and dancing all night only leads to one thing; blisters. A girl’s worst enemy, there’s nothing that kills the mood of a weekend away than a blister, and as you won’t want to be a hobbling Hen on the night, blister plasters are an essential that you will want to pack in your bag!
  • Chewing Gum – keep your breath fresh throughout the night and pack the gum! Ward off the garlic after your meal with a pack that you can tuck away in your handbag for a case of emergencies, especially for all those Hen night occasions where you might just have to play that game of kiss chase or spin the bottle!

If you need anymore help planning or organizing your Hen Night then feel free to connect with Pleasure Boys on Facebook & Twitter. We’d also love to hear if you have any suggestions on other Hen Night Survival Essentials!