A Simple Guide to Surviving your Hen Night

We all know hen nights can get out of control and become that wild night you might of had a few years ago, the UK Pleasure Boys team know how to make sure you can survive your night and enjoy your Male Stripper show. Follow our simple guide below to find out how you can survive your hen night.

Hen Party Survival Guide

So the UK Pleasure Boys team have decided to create one of the most in depth Hen Night Survival guides to help ensure you can enjoy your Pleasure Boys show. So don’t worry whether you’re the bustling bride to be or the shy bride’s maid our simple guide has got your covered.

If you’re the bridesmaid and your organising the Hen Party then don’t worry the UK Pleasure Boys team have got you covered with some of the hottest acts in the hen night industry ensuring your Hen will have one hell of a night to remember.

So here are our top level tips to ensure you can enjoy all the planning you have done for your brides to be hen night.

  • Enjoy the planning & preparations
  • Enjoy the girly aspects such as bridal dress shopping
  • Be there day or night on hand for the bride
  • Make sure you have plenty of time free
  • Keep a diary of all the attendees of your Hen Night Party

While the Hen Night is one of the biggest tasks of a bride maids it’s not the only one so the below covers off the main role you have to play on the brides big day.

  • Helping the bride keep her cool
  • Pack some emergency supplies
  • Make chit chat with the guests

So just how do you go about planning the perfect hen night party? Well obviously hiring the UK Pleasure Boys team is a good start especially if you want to make your hen night one to remember which is full of fun. We have some great tips on how else you can make the most of your hen night.

Save the Date

This is a simple one to do and shouldn’t make you too stressed but make sure you save the date and let all your hen night attendees know about the day. Keep a simple grow message going around so you all know when the big party is.

Planning is Key

While hen nights can be fun they can be costly to but don’t worry the UK Pleasure Boys team are on hand to custom build your unique hen night package ensuring you can have the best hen party on your budget.


The UK Pleasure Ladies team can help you plan your hen night in some of the biggest destinations across the UK so be sure to give us a call and we can discuss some of the hottest locations to help you get ready for your big night Call our specialist hen night planner team on 0121 4774 918 to discuss some location options.

There are plenty of other things you can look into to make sure you plan the perfect hen night, but most of all just make sure you have fun and remember the night with your closest friends.

Relax, enjoy the day and have fun!

Remember a hen party is all about having fun and relaxing. The UK Pleasure Boys can help you organise a night to remember jam packed full of fun and excitement. If you’re still looking for more ways to plan your last night of freedom, our Hen Night Parties section has everything you need to plan the best Hen Night around.