25 Year Old living in Dublin From Holland

I joined The UK Pleasure Boys at the beginning of 2015 and have been trained from scratch to be able to perform at the standard I am now , I am resident at The UK Pleasure Boys show in Dublin every Saturday and we have Hen Parties and Birthday Girls attending from all over Ireland and The UK

Born and Raised in Holland I Moved to Dublin in 2005 with my Parents , my first language is Dutch but now my Irish is getting pretty good :- )

Since joining the UK Pleasure Boys I have worked in Dublin, Switzerland and the UK , I tend to fly over to the UK at least once a month and keep up to date with all the routines and to catch up on all the gossip cause as you can imagine when 15 lads get together  there is a lot of jokes and funny stories and being one of the newest guys to the wolf pack I am happy that I have been accepted as one of the lads and can’t wait to travel all over the world with these guys


My first Love is the gym I am their everyday for at least 2 hours a day, I have a close group or training partners that all encourage each other to be the best, there is no room for slackers if you can’t keep up then you got to try harder

My favourite food is home-made pancakes with fresh strawberries, bananas, grapes and blueberries its so sweet just like me

When I’m not in the gym or on the stage , you can catch me out and about in Dublin socializing with friends and having a beer playing a game of pool

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