Stoke on Trent born Male Stripper

Stoke born and bred, I have been a male stripper entertaining ladies all over the UK and abroad for a number of years, I have won male stripper of the year quite a few times, when I am not getting my kit off on stage for hens or birthday girls then I am in the gym or spending time with my family, In the past I have been on a number of soaps including Emmerdale.

My Long hair is my trade mark well one of my trademarks you will have to come to a show to see the other one 😉

I have stripped for a number of famous people including Jordan aka Katie Price as well as hairdressers to the stars Royston Blythe

As well as being a male stripper I have also been to acting school and had a few smaller parts on tv shows in the future you may possibly see me on your tv screens playing more important roles

Stallion Stripper

When I’m performing on stage I go into a world of my own but the reaction I get off all the girls when I drop my towel is still priceless to this day , and the questions I get are always the same

Is it real?

Well come and see me at one of our shows then you will be able to see for yourself if its real or not

My favourite pastime is blowing off steam In the gym , I might not be as young as the new guys coming into the group now but I can still give them a run for their money and I’ll still be dragging my ass to the gym when I’m in my 80s and that’s a long way off just so you know I’m nowhere near there yet ha-ha

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