I’m Jovan aka rumble, self-taught street dancer, and I love to perform

I have been dancing longer than I have been walking, dancing is my life, when I am not on stage taking everything off for you all to see then I am teaching all ages of street dance, hip hop and breakdancing, I take a lot of time perfecting my routines so I can bring something different to the show and to wow the crowds that come and see the UK Pleasure Boys with my tricks and performances.

I have been working for the UK Pleasure Boys for 3 years now travelling all over the UK every week entertaining all the lovely Hen nights and Birthday girls, although I don’t really see any travel involved because as soon as I sit in a car I fall asleep it’s a running joke with all the guys here, I can sleep for England no matter how much sleep I’ve had the night before or what time of the day it is , as soon as that car starts I’m sleeping lol

Rumble Male Stripper

This year I also started my male stripper dance school where I train up guys wanting to get into stripping and learn them some routines to get them started, it’s been quite a success .

I don’t really get much spare time as if I’m not stripping, I’m teaching all different kinds of dances to all ages of people from as young as 3 to as old as 60 , you don’t have to fit a certain criteria to be able to dance anyone can do it with the right teacher .

When I do get abit of time off to myself I love nothing more than having a few days away to kick back and relax, whether it be on a hot sunny beach or a relaxing log cabin somewhere with a hot tub and an open fire

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