Male stripper representing UK Pleasure boys

Bringing you all genres of entertainment from hip hop/ street dance to sensual lap dances, at 5ft 11 perfectly toned abs and athletic body full of energy and good vibes and a smile that goes on for miles always ready to entertain all you girls on a night out Always ready for the party go hard or go home is my moto!

I have to admit I am abit of a party animal I just don’t know when to stop I can be at work performing all night then as soon as the shows are finished all I want to do is go out and dance some more, my energy levels are through the roof, everyone says to me how do you not just crash and burn well my answer to that is I have no idea I am just a crazy crazy man ha-ha


When I am not out partying until the early hours, you can catch me burning off all my excess energy in the gym, quite a few of the UK Pleasure Boys train together and we all push each other to the absolute limits , nobody wants to be the weak one in the wolf pack it’s like a big competition but it’s all good we are like brothers so we just wind each other up

What do I do to relax? Well you can’t beat a night with the family all sitting in the garden having a bbq and smelling the jerk chicken sizzling away and spending time with my nieces and nephews, I am the crazy uncle Pjay that when mom or dad say no they come to me and twist me right their little fingers to get their own way but it always works, what can I say I just can’t say no lol

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