Topless Model & Male Stripper

I’m 21 and Topless host and male stripper,  I’m a shy guy that gets along with anyone and everyone, I come into my own when I step foot on the stage and my feet work magic , I love travelling and spending time with friends

I have only recently taken the plunge into being a stripper after being a topless host for 2 years for the UK Pleasure Boys it took a while for me to build up the courage but now I have done it there is no going back

I studied SFX at Birmingham University before going on to become a Personal trainer, before that I was a martial arts instructor so I’m very quick on my feet

Last year I spent 9 months working on a cruise ship and seeing places such as Australia, New Zealand and Fiji as well as many more, it was a once in a life time opportunity and I am so glad I took some time out to give it a try as it was one of the best times of my life

Maximus Stripper

When I’m not cruising round the world or stripping for you wonderful ladies then I love socialising with my friends and going camping nothing beats the fresh air and freedom of sleeping under the stars

I’m also back in full training mode at the gym trying to beat my personal bests in all aspects I am in competition with myself and I am going to win well ill either win or come second either way I’m in the top two ha-ha

You can catch me most weeks at our resident Liverpool show at Envi , welcoming all you lovely ladies then gracing the stage with my presence , so what are you waiting for ladies come and see me and my boys

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