Marc o Neill

UK Pleasure Boys Male Stripper & Big Brother Contestant

Hey!! I am Marc, I am 29 years old, the practical joker in the pack and mad famous after appearing on Irish reality show Tallafornia. Come along and see me perform at one of our weekly male stripper shows throughout the UK. I’m naughty and nice but love to have fun when I perform at hen parties with the Pleasure Boys Team. You will have most recently seen me in The Big Brother house.

My favourite quote from my Big Brother interview has to be “Marc with a C is the scientist, Mark with a K is the stripper and Marq with a Q is an absolute lunatic!” So if you want to see more of my naughty antics and watch me cause mayhem then make sure you come see me at one of the shows to find out what I am really about.

Don’t forget if you misses me on Big Brother then you can still see me throughout the year every Saturday at one of the biggest male stripper and hen night shows around the UK with the Pleasure Boys team  an also on the UK Pleasure Boys tour. Come see me sometime, I’ll show you my chemistry.

Marc o Neill
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