Hello all I’m Magic and I’m 20 years old male stripper

I’m a calm collected and cheeky guy, just like my name I can be quite an illusion at times and I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve, you can make your mind up on if they are good or very very bad 😉 by coming and seeing me

A little bit about me

I study sports therapy at University 5 days a week, during this course it has even taken me to Switzerland to play semi pro football for 3 weeks and it was crazy

This year has seen me and my UK Pleasure boy’s brother Jai on ITVs Judge Rinder because he ripped my fireman trousers by taking them off the wrong way!!!! It was all abit of fun though we still brothers

Magic Male Stripper

Also you will be seeing me on your televisions again soon but I can’t tell you what that is yet but it was hard work I had never felt  so physically and emotionally pained in my life  but it was also a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am glad I took part in

In my spare time I love playing football, going to the gym and spending time with my family

I am a massive party animal and am always out partying on a Thursday Friday and Saturday night after work, you can always catch me in the club either on the dance floor or people watching

I love going to Dublin and stripping at our resident show over there the girls are crazy they love the UK Pleasure Boys, although I always have to have a sensible person with me to make sure I don’t miss my flight back to the UK, I have been known to ignore alarm calls and not get out of bed whoops

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