I’m a glass half full kind of guy with a great personality!

My names Adam/Heat train 5/6 times a week, love my little girl, cooking and spending any free time I get with family/friends. And you can’t beat the buzz of being on stage!

My most memorable stripping moment was for a Hen night in Wolverhampton (my home town) and me spinning the hen around in her chair to find out it was my high school girlfriend, to this day I am still not sure who was most embarrassed as I had only been stripping for a few months when that happened but it obviously didn’t put me off as 8 years later I am still here

Heat Male Stripper

People often ask me how I have a social life if I am working every Thursday Friday and Saturday well stripping is my social life, I get to travel all over the country doing a job that I love and meeting lots of people, and what makes me happy is knowing that I have gave the hen party or the birthday party a night they will not forget

Stripping isn’t just a job for me that pays the bills, I love being able to put a smile on all your beautiful faces

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