My names Wayne aka Fusion

I have been working for the UK Pleasure boys since December 2014 and I am loving every second of it from the nerves before stepping on the stage to the cheers and screams when I am performing.

When I first started it was a bit of an eye opener as I hadn’t done anything like it before I did a couple of weeks as a topless host but the director of the company John must have saw that I had potential because he asked me if I wanted to progress from being a topless host to performing with the guys in group routines on the 2015 tour show and it all went from there.

Fusion Male Stripper

My day to day life runs around stripping which means I am in the gym most of the time and trying to eat as clean as possible , but when I do get some chill out time I like to spend a few hours tattooing friends and family, I used to have my own tattoo studio until recently then I kind of fell into full time stripping , there is so many perks to being in this job from rubbing shoulders with celebs, travelling all over the country and working with a great bunch of lads, at UK Pleasure Boys we are more than just work colleagues we are more like a great big family, if one person isn’t having the best show we try to pull each other through it , that’s what makes us stand out from all the rest. It helps working alongside people like Pjay, Jai, Ace and magic as we are all part of a similar era of stripper but it is also amazing to watch and learn from the more experienced generation of strippers like Stallion and Outlaw, I love my job here and I am living the dream I just hope I don’t wake up, don’t forget to come and watch the show

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