Danny Steel

The Best Look Stripper in Wales

Hi all I’m Danny I’m a 22 year old male stripper  from the Valleys, I am the comedian of all boys , even though some of them would disagree Mr Casanova mentioning no names  in my spare time I enjoy going out with friends and having a laugh

I’m the baby faced one out of the group I think no matter how old I get I am still going to get for id to put the lottery on and what do you have be 16 ha-ha it does have its advantages too though kids prices on the bus get in ha-ha

I have been working for the UK Pleasure Boys for a few years now and its always such fun although I do get picked on quite a lot they’ll all bullies ha-ha , I have had my eyebrows shaved off, my face drew on with permanent market, a certain strippers bum on my head all whilst I have fell asleep on the road but I still haven’t learnt my lesson if I’m not driving I still end up falling asleep so no doubt I still got loads of pranks to be attacked with yet .

Danny Steel

I love going on lads holidays they are such a laugh, getting up to all sorts of mischief.  I think one day I may grow up but I’m not too sure when that will be as I’m too busy having fun

Being from the Valleys is abit weird everyone knows everyone and you can’t even sneeze in public without everyone knowing about it but being part of the UK Pleasure Boys has taken me out of the Valleys and all over the place to countries such as Romania, Germany, Paris, Holland, Lanzarote so these also class as lads holidays cause it can’t be all work and no play when we are out on the road

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