Danny B

Hi Ladies, I’m Danny B, I’m 31 and originally from Watford but I’m currently living in Warwickshire.

Apart from being a male stripper, I am also a full time model and some of you may recognise me from various TV shows over the years.

As you can see by looking at photos of me I am a big lover of body art and there is not many places on my body that haven’t been tattooed yet… but to find out where is or isn’t inked you will need to come and see me on one of our UK Pleasure Boys shows.

In the little spare time I do have I love putting on my leathers and pushing my superbike to its limits.

I might look rough and tough but I’m a big softy when it comes to my beautiful puppy Cherrie after shows I love nothing more than getting home to give her cuddles.

I look forward to seeing you beautiful ladies at a ladies night soon x