Scorpio born in the United States

Hey I’m 5ft. 10, Scorpio born in the states. I have been a UK Pleasure Boy now for 2 years and work with some of the best male strippers in the country, travelling nationwide to entertain the gorgeous women that are celebrating a hen night or birthday

I love going to the gym with my training partner Rumble.

I also love dancing with my two brothers Rumble and Pjay (the hip hop trio) Performing and entertaining has always been my thing from a very early age the only difference now is I use baby oil

When I’m not dancing or pumping iron at the gym, I am being daddy to my two adorable kids I have a little boy and little girl who both mean the word to me they are the reason I go out to work every day, so every spare minute I get is spent with them, having family days out at the park or taking them to visit family.

Cassius Male Stripper

I’m a self-confessed foodie I love eating, going out for meals and eating my mom’s homemade food secretly I think my mom tries to fatten me up so when I’ve visited momma it’s an extra 2 hours required in the gym that day lol

I’m abit of a funny guy when it comes to practical jokes, I can’t be trusted not to pull any pranks on the guys at work if the feeling rises I have no control over it I just have to do , I hide their outfits , I send messages from their phones and shoes well they have been known to end up out on the stage before them so they have started to learn if they are working with me they can’t turn their back for a second or I may strike

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