The one & only original male stripper

Hey all I’m 26 years old and have been part of the UK Pleasure boys for 7 years now so I’m one of the original male strippers in the company and I am an original there is definitely only one of me  , I’m the joker of the group even though Mr Danny Steel thinks he is .

I like to spend time with my kids I have a little girl and a little boy who are both the spitting image of me and then everything else comes after that.

My favourite aspect of a woman is big bright eyes; I’m a sucker for that 😉 I just get drawn in like a moth to I bright light

When I first started stripping for the UK Pleasure Boys I never imagined that it would have taken me all over the world I have been too some pretty amazing places but I think the best place I ever stripped in is Switzerland it was absolutely crazy there were over 5000 screaming women we had to have security everywhere we went it was like being an a lost celebrity and I loved it girls were screaming our names and throwing various items of clothing at us , the Swiss paparazzi were constantly snapping away it was the best feeling ever.


If I could strip anywhere then I would like to strip on the moon cause who wouldn’t want to see a floating stripper that would be so much fun , floating hen parties it’s the future im telling ya , in years to come when your great great granddaughters are about to get married and they tell you they are having their hen party on the moon remember you heard it here first Casanova from the UK Pleasure Boys wanted to strip on the moon in 2015

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